A Mecca for hikers, culture enthusiasts and cyclists

There are opportunities for excursions all along the River Neiße. Hikers will love the 300 km of hikes in one of Germany’s most enchanting landscapes. Crossing the Czech border in the Lausitzer Gebirge mountains is also a unique experience.

The UNESCO Upper Lusatian Moorland Biosphere Reserve on the southernmost foothill of the North German lowlands is a worthwhile trip for any nature lover. It is near the Lausitz/Magdeburg Urstromtal, a broad glacial valley, and is characterised by the regular alternation between wide floodplains, alluvial lowlands and wet terraces on the one hand, and dry dunes and moraine areas on the other.

Zittau is also the starting point for the Oder-Neiße Cycling Trail, which runs for 465 km and ends at the Baltic Sea. The Schlosshotel Althörnitz can be the first hotel on your trip, or it can be a base from which you can set out in a different direction each day. The hotel team will be happy to help you organise your trips.

Horseriding enthusiasts can visit one of the many stables; they offer riding for children as well as riding and vaulting lessons.

Also in the vicinity of the Schlosshotel Althörnitz is the Olbersdorfer See, which was a brown coal mine before it was flooded to become a lake and redesigned for the Second Saxon State Garden Exhibition. It is now particularly popular for family trips and offers swimming, windsurfing and beach volleyball.